About Us

Nesto o nama

MAĆA d.o.o. was founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Trogir.

In the very beginning, we were engaged in service and commission sales of TV and audio equipment, but in a short time, we were expanding our business to the trade of electrical installation equipment. After expanding our business, we moved to a larger business space, at today's location, which we bought from then owners in 1999, and we further expanded our range to TV and audio equipment, lighting, paints and varnishes, electrical installation equipment, tools and fittings, and water and sanitary ware.

In 2002, we expanded to the tourism sector and built 6 luxuriously equipped apartments in Mastrinka, on the island of Ciovo. In 2006, we started with the daily rental of boats, by organizing trips to nearby islands and transporting passengers, which further expanded our offer in the field of tourism. You can see our apartments here.

In 2011, we further expanded our business to the nautical equipment trade, and thus additionally we completed the offer of our products and services in the area of ​​Trogir and thus provide and better competitive position.

Today, we have 8 employees, and we offer a total of over 10,000 items, from electrical installation equipment, tools, paints and varnishes, plumbing and sanitary ware to nautical equipment.

We are the general distributor of following brands:

  • LANEX a.s. - konopa za privez, te jedriličarskih konopa
  • OCEANFLEX - brodskih kositrenih kablova
  • LUMITEC s.r.l. - podvodna i kopnena LED rasvjeta
  • LIONTRON - litijonske baterije
  • PARKER POLAND - plovila za sport i razonodu
  • FARECLA - paste za rezanje i poliranje
  • EUROMECI - proizvodi za njegu i čišćenje plovila

We are an authorized distributor of brands: